Dan Stephens

Dan has been active in athletics his entire life.  He wrestled and played football in high school and has been powerlifting for over 30 years.  Dan attended Chiropractic school, but decided that it wasn’t quite the right career for him.  He decided to pursue his passions working as a tattoo artist and with powerlifting.  He is a certified USPA Powerlifting Coach and is Nevada State Chairman for the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA).  He has set 10 National Records and 7 World Records in 2 divisions.   Powerlifting is for everyone.  No excuses, Dan is still lifting after having a broken back at age 26.

Best Raw Lifts - Belt Only

  • 750 lb. Squat
  • 550 lb. Bench
  • 650 lb. Deadlift

Stephanie Stephens

Stephanie is a recovering anorexic who began powerlifting at age 32.  Prior to that, she really didn't do anything athletic.  She’s a certified USPA Powerlifting Coach and currently ranked #2 in the International Powerlifting League (IPL) as a Single Ply lifter in the 181 lb. weight class.  When not powerlifting or eating donuts, she enjoys spending time with her three daughters.

Best Raw Lifts

  • 330 lb. Squat
  • 180 lb. Bench
  • 330 lb. Deadlift                                      



Best Single Ply Lifts

  • 415 lb. Squat
  • 245 lb. Bench
  • 400 lb. Deadlift